Rody Zebo (Founder of the Aspect Movement)

OUR BRAND STORY - (Pride, Service, Swag and Power) 

I remember stirring in front of my computer a little while ago doing some research about my country of origin the Democratic Republic of Congo.  A country that I have always been in love with – the motherland, soil of my soil, blood of my blood. After a couple of years of absence, I returned to pay homage to the queen of my soul – where it all began, the land that gave me life, the Congo. 

See, I went there for the purpose to fill the widening emptiness in me. And in return that land gave me back so much more than I could have ever dreamt of. 

She reminded me of being happy "just for the sake of being happy", helped me reinforce my desire to help others and my determination to move forward. 

So back in Montreal, in front of the comfort of my computer, I was looking and keenly searching for a way to say thank you to Congo for everything it has given me. 

And that was when I got inspired to create this clothing line that has the objective to awaken and reinforce the pride of being Congolese (Zaïrois), but also sharing a little bit of who we are with the world. 

This is not just a story. It is a declaration of love toward my country the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Thank you  


One of the things I have learnt during my years of service a prolific Chef in the restaurant business and I love my job. I really love to provide people with a good service... A great service. 

The blossoming face of a client looking at a great dish. Or an another client that would literally approach the kitchen to tell us that the meal he/she just ate was the best one – those reactions are priceless. I mean what a great feeling right!  

So in this learning process we will render the same effort to reproduce a similar effect with this clothing line. 

This clothing line and its logo has the main purpose to arouse in you a feeling of pride, of power, of strength, the impression of being part of something so much bigger and happiness. 

With our philanthropic work, not only you will love to buy our t-shirt, you will be proud to wear it. 



Regardless of all the great things I have been through in my country, I can't deny the fact that this land is a witness of multiple atrocity for many years up until now (about 8 million people died in Congo since the war took place in 1998, that is the equivalent of the population of Québec...Stop. And think about it!). 

Neither can I pretend to love this country without being filled with the desire to offer some form of assistance. 

Which is why we make the formal decision to dedicate 10% of our profit to N.G. O’s that helps the sons and daughters of Congo to learn how to help themselves and to take their future into their own hands. 


By helping to create a system that favors self sufficiency, independence and interdependent. 

By helping build schools, provide information, knowledge and the right materials so that those in need can learn how to take care of themselves. 

By providing wisdom so they can become aware of their great potential as human being but also of the opportunities present in their environment. 


For everyone one that succeed, it is their duty to help others to do the same.