I wanted to create a logo that would give a feeling of strength...of power. 

I wanted to create a logo that would symbolize a powerful movement, a desire to move forward, towards fulfillment. 

A symbol that the people of Congo would be able to recognize in the right away. 

A symbol that will call up to a feeling of pride  

It is therefore in the flag of Zaïre (the old flag of the Democratic Republic of Congo) that I will find my inspiration. 

And there you go! The logo was finally made. 

Here it is on a descriptive manner: 

The flame represents the movement we are willing to create. 


The hand represents the strength of this movement and the strong will of people that will help us bring it forth. 

Aspect represent the back of the medal. Another facade of Congolese culture and also African. Like the joy of living, the desire of emancipation of nation that has suffering for too long, the strength of character. 

A new positive look and mostly affirmative on this mythical land where the great fight between Mohamed Ali and Foreman toke place (yes indeed! That is exactly where it all happened) 

Aspect (aspɛ in french) is also a term in the Congolese community that is used to express style, the cool sides that goes with confidence. 

You could say that it's our version of the word "swag". 

It is a term, i believe, that the Congolese will be able to recognize and appreciate. 

I will finish by saying that this is a project that is very dear to me and i hope that it will live up to my promises. 

Thank you Congo 

Thank you Kinshasa 

Thanks to my family for this unforgettable vacation  

Thank you Papa God for everything  


Rody Zebo