We are very proud to announce that for each items we sell, 10% will go to help and to sponsor kids in Congo thanks to our partnership with the Bon Samaritain Foundation and their “Change for a change program” which aims to sponsor youth in school education in rural area of Bandundu in Congo. They also have other projects such as the construction of wells for the community surrounding this part of the country.

The Bon Samaritain was founded by Benoît Kihumbu and his brother Romeo Kihumbu. The two brother are originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, where they have been the witness of two civil wars where rogue mercenaries pilfer civilian homes for personal profit. They also witnessed many adversities, mistreatment and injustice among the youth, particularly against young orphans and albinos kids.

Fortunate enough to escape these injustices, Benoît promised himself at a young age that one day if he was blessed with a successful life, he would open an orphanage or a learning center to assist youth and assure the future of the planet.

And that's exactly what he did. So, congratulations to you Benoît! I am very proud and grateful to have you and your foundation as a partner.

I met Benoît a few year back when I was looking to make a contribution. He was introduced to me by my cousin and from our first conversation I knew he was person I need to work with if I wanted to help efficiently.

You can follow their work through the link below.
Thanks everyone!
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Instagram: @bon_samaritan